We have been committed to research and development, production and marketing of low temperature thermoelectric power generation and high-temperature super-efficient power generation systems

    Shanghai Shangshi Energy Technology Co., Ltd was founded in 2010 which is dedicated in the research, design and production of the new type energy power. It owns advanced production facilities and highly competent research team and has the advanced world-class core technology and autonomous intellectual property of the design and manufacturing super-high speed generators, high-speed turbomachine, and highly efficient heat exchanger. It aims to provide “the optimized solution for the customers on substitute system of highly efficient modularized power generation and power transmission. The current ORC low-temperature thermoelectric generator, micro turbo power generator and other high-tech products have been popular in the oversea market of Europe and US...  [ read more ]


    The company has core technology patents (China and the European Union) and the low temperature

    waste heat power generation unit has reached world advanced level.




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